2020-06-09 Feature Added – Model Congruence

By | 09/06/2020

Feedback from both SBC and several new members, suggests there is a desire to control betting, based on the number of our 6 models that converge, or agree, on the same runner.

Research suggests that the ROI is improved when 4 or more models agree on the same runner, and is maximised when all 6 models agree. This is a complex subject, as our stop-loss algorithum also affects the overall profitability of the system, but we’ve decided to add this feature due to popular demand!

Model Congruence Feature

The feature has been added to v1.38 of our downloadable spreadsheet (only accessible to subscribers). You can now control bets based on the number of models that agree on the same runner, by entering a value from 1 to 6 in the highlighted cell in the spreadsheet.