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2020-07-07 Final Service Status

By | 07/07/2020

The “Service Status“, which you can access from the home page, will be removed from the website shortly, This feature has now been be replaced by a new forum, which you can subscribe to (by e-mail), to ensure you don’t miss out on important announcements.

Models Recovered

By | 02/07/2020

Our prediction models have now recovered to pre-COVID levels. Assuming there are no extreme weather events (winds, temperature, heavy rain), we are hopeful the system will return to profit from this point forward. We are tackling some reliability issues with the tips retrieval process, we’ve hoping that last night’s release of the spreadsheet (v1.63) will… Read More »

Network Capacity

By | 29/06/2020

A few members have reported that they didn’t receive a couple of the tips we’ve published in the last few days. The service is getting busier every day (more subscribers). The servers at our end are working fine – we believe the problem lies with our internet connection. More capacity has been ordered, should be… Read More »

Ejecting Subscribers

By | 28/06/2020

Several new members have asked when, or how, we will close the system to new subscribers. Eventually, we expect the market prices to be moved by the actions of our subscribers. All of our profit loss charts are based on the pre-race prices. Our subscribers can choose to use either the SP (e.g. Betfair, or… Read More »

Server Issues

By | 24/06/2020

Apologies to all, we’ve had a few server issues today. At least 1 of the tips wasn’t sent in time for you to receive it (“Choral Work”, 16:45 at Haydock). We think we’ve got to the bottom of the problems… normal service should be resumed shortly.

2020-06-17 We’re LIVE!

By | 17/06/2020

We’ve decided to open the service up again to subscribers, slightly earlier than planned – due to a poor run of results. The AI has not yet settled into the new COVID world we live in. We’ve also adjusted our pricing, for the time being, the first month is now free. If you decide to… Read More »

2020-06-15 Bet Type Option added

By | 15/06/2020

In Version 1.40 of the Excel workbook, we’ve added a feature to allow you to control how the bet is submitted to the Exchange(s). BACK-SP – means bet in the pre-race market, with a fall-back to the Starting Price if your bet is not matched before the market turns “in-play” BACKSP – means take the… Read More »

2020-06-15 New Client Version

By | 15/06/2020

Our Excel workbook (spreadsheet) has been updated to version 1.39. This version includes an improved notification of when the daily stop-loss has been activated, so it is easier to understand when you should not expect further tips for the current day. Download the Excel workbook here.